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Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

My name is Franck Sansemat and I’m French. 2016 was the year I turned 38 and I decided to create this blog dedicated to long, healthy life.

As a world traveler (Spain, England, Thailand, etc.) and currently living in Dubai, I’m living this wonderful life to the fullest. I’ve been involved in sports since I was a young child, especially in tennis, fitness and weight-lifting, and I’ve always been passionate about health and the human body. I’m naturally very curious, especially when it comes to my most precious possession, my body. I hate being put into pre-programmed boxes (referring to the food industry and the media when they tell us what to eat), where people’s interests vary between financial concerns and conflicts of ego. Indeed, without our health, everything comes to a stop.

Even though I’ve always lived in a healthy environment, at times my youth, my carefree attitude and feeling of invincibility has made me make mistakes… but who hasn’t? We can learn from our mistakes. To give you just one example, since I was a child, I’ve only ever liked two drinks: water and cola. For the past two years now, soda is no longer part of my life, and above all, I don’t miss it ONE BIT. I really want to emphasize this because the human body is incredible and can adapt wonderfully well. We’ll talk again about this in the pages of this blog, as well as lifestyle disease, physical activity and food. I’m especially militant about food because changing your eating habits is primordial, even though everything comes together to get a healthy body with a healthy mind.

Growing older, when I was 36, this is when I woke up to the fact that I could change my destiny. For me this means being happy in the present moment, in good health and inspiring people around me. I want to die naturally in my sleep as we all should, but only after reaching a triple-digit age. Yes, 100 years is the minimum age we should reach if we take care of ourselves.

Nature does good, and it can do us good as well. This simply means preserving it if we are lucky enough to be born in good health.

My policy is to take care of life’s precious give to us and acquire the knowledge required to understand and then live without health problems.

Our body shape doesn’t matter much and doesn’t really tell us much about our health. Yes, someone overweight is obviously exposed to more problems, but who hasn’t even seen a loved one or acquaintance in apparently good health and with a nice figure be stricken by cancer, for instance?

What we put inside our body and what we do with our body is of course the major key to our health, not forgetting that the external environment we expose our bodies to is also important.

My motto is this: “If you are humble, you can listen. If you can listen, you can learn. If you can learn, you can share.”

This is why I remain constantly attentive and in contact with big surgeons, nutritionists, authors, osteopaths, teachers of various sports and subjects to do with the environment. I’m always on this constant quest for discovery and have a desire to share my knowledge to reach as many people as possible to make progress together for a better future. Let’s not fool ourselves.

Let’s live old and live happy. Let’s learn, share and grow old together.

To many of whose we love leave us too early due to health problems, and this shouldn’t be the case. Let food and physical activity be your medicine.

Diets are useless over the long term. They aren’t good for our health or mind. Say NO to diets, but YES to common sense combined with knowledge. Being healthy is a lifestyle. We are what we do, and our body is what we eat. To what extent do you feel you are concerned by this?

Let us re-learn to discover and take care of our body, which is our most precious possession on this earth. It will change our life.

Wishing you a long and healthy life☺

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