secrets to living past 100...

Naturally from fat to fit along with natural longevity…

What do the secrets to living past 100 talk about?

What do the secrets to living past 100 talk about?


Things that used to come naturally to the human race are missing in the modern world…

Where did it all go wrong?

Thousands of years ago, we were hunter-gatherers. We lived in complete harmony with our environment. We survived by hunting, fishing, and foraging. We got all we needed directly from nature. We were active. We would spend most of the day walking and running. We depended on ourselves to take advantage of nature’s gifts. We shared meals together. We relied on nature, ourselves and our tribe for survival.

It’s not that way any more…

Unfortunately, we have left behind this harmonious way of life. We have given priority to various activities. We’re compulsively busy. Work, entertainment, quick pleasures, social encounters, all of which are create distractions from our true nature. We’ve become blind to who we really are. We believe that modern technology has made our lives better; television, modern transport, computers, elevators, smartphones.

The truth is, we’ve paid the price. We’ve lost touch with our body. Our minds are always elsewhere, not in the present moment. The human body is perfectly engineered, and when in tune with our minds and hearts, it enables us to enjoy our time on our beautiful planet earth. We’ve lost this connection with our bodies and with the present moment.

Here’s an example of how we’ve mistreated our bodies. When you were a baby, you were flexible enough to put your foot behind your head, or at least as far as your cheek. Can you still do that? Chances are you’ve lost that ability as you’ve aged unless you’re a gymnast or a dancer.  The reason? You haven’t practiced that skill. You haven’t stayed in connection with your body.

We are different life forms to trees and plants. Humans are beings in motion. We have evolved bodies that are perfectly suited to living and thriving in this world. If we lead sedentary lives and barely move all day, our bodily functioning becomes disrupted. Our health deteriorates over time. This is inevitable.

Nature is good. It always has been. Things should be in a perfect natural balance on the planet. But, we need to preserve it. We’re a part of the natural world, so we must preserve ourselves and our health. If we’re lucky enough to be gifted with good health and fully functioning bodies, we do a disservice to nature if we don’t look after them.

Our body shape is pretty much irrelevant. It’s not always an indicator of health. Ok, overweight people are more prone to certain problems and illnesses. But, it’s all too common to see people in apparently good health being struck with life-threatening illnesses like cancer.

So, we should look after our bodies. We never know when it’s going to be our turn to leave this mortal coil. Wouldn’t you be full of regret if you reach the end knowing that you never achieved any of your dreams of good health and vitality?

The thing is, if you dare to grab the bull by the horns and reach your health goals, you’re far more likely to extend your life. And even if you don’t, your days will surely be happier and more fulfilled.

Let your curiosity take you over. Allow yourself to ask the big questions. How do I improve my body? How can I live longer? How can I get better health? Don’t let the daily struggle for financial security and the egoism need for status take over your life and blind you from what’s important.

Indeed, without our health, everything comes to a stop.

But, in the modern world, everything is a rush. We go through our days on autopilot. Each day is the same as the one before. And before we know it we’re at the end, looking back and wondering what could have been. Our freedoms, our ability to affect the way we grow, live, age and die, often belongs to others.

The essential elements of our life: food, land, water, are all owned by companies or wealthy individuals.

From a very young age, we obey their rules.

  • At school; you listen, read and accept what they say.
  • At home; you listen and accept what your parents say.
  • At university; you listen and accept the word of academics, the voice of reason.
  • At work; you listen and accept what your bosses say.
  • With the law; you listen and accept what is done in the name of ‘justice.’

We are directed, tested, regulated and judged like animals in a cage. Usually, we end up brain-washed and repeat what we are told parrot-fashion, without really knowing or having taken the time to understand. We don’t question the character of those in charge of us.

  • We’re told we can make a difference in the world, but raised to toe the line.
  • We’re told to follow our own path, but raised to follow the old, sick path.
  • We’re told to be creative, but raised to follow someone else’s idea of creativity.
  • We’re told to follow our dreams, but raised to follow the dreams of others.

We’re like a flock following a shepherd. We do what the shepherd desires, filling their wallet and feeding their power.

Natural springs and forests used to provide us with oxygen and water to drink.

Now, we have factories and multinational companies that poison our environment and in turn, poison us by peddling products that are harmful to our health and threaten our survival on Earth.

Fewer and fewer animals live in their natural environment. Instead, we have growing numbers of factory farms that produce and slaughter, endlessly. A cycle of destruction.

These animals sometimes never see the light of day. Why? To satisfy our unhealthy appetites.

We destroy the environment and our bodies, two natural elements that should be a priority for our long and beautiful existence on the glorious planet Earth.

It sometimes seems that we would sell our own mothers for money, status, and fame.

At work, we constantly push harder and harder. We don’t have time to live an authentic life. We work until we die. All too often death comes at a young age, our bodies ravaged by disease.

We’re chasing after some free time like a donkey after a carrot!  But it’s often somebody else’s carrot…

What happens when we have polluted the last river? Poisoned the last breath of air? Killed the last animal?

Every year thousands of species go extinct. And we are leading ourselves to our own extinction.

We medicate ourselves constantly, even for the slightest minor injury or ailment. Sometimes we pop pills when we don’t even need them, as preventative measures, to relieve our imaginary fears. We’re told that the world’s problems can be solved by pharmacologists dreaming up new drugs to cure problems we have created. But they depend on our suffering for their profit.

We remain in this insane, vicious circle, spending billions on medicines that are also destroying us little by little.

We flee from the real problem. We turn our backs on what we know deep down. That the real problem is us. The trust we have given blindly to the elite. Our lack of knowledge. Our lack of desire to inform ourselves and discover how planet Earth really works. If we’re fortunate enough to be born in good health, this is a huge advantage and something we need to nourish, nurture and look after. Hippocrates said himself, “May your food be your medicine.” He was right.

Like a car, the fuel you put into your body is going to make you last longer and run smoothly.

Also, what we do with our body is key to our overall health. The external environment we expose our bodies to is important too.

Too many loved ones leave us early due to health problems. This shouldn’t be the case. Food and physical activity should be our medicines.

We gorge ourselves daily on toxic chemicals. Meat is infested with drugs and diseases.

Food additives, Growth hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, pesticides. They bury us in a fiction the food industry tells us is reality.

Perhaps you think that to lose weight you have to do tons of exercise or eat next to nothing. You tell yourself that this would be impossible for you… and you’d be right.

You’ve been brainwashed into this way of thinking. The truth is, losing weight no matter your age or body type relies on something else. Striking a balance. This comes naturally and gradually.

Diets aren’t good for our health, both physical and mental. They are useless over the long term. Say NO to diets, but YES to common sense combined with knowledge of how your body works.

Begin simply by adding better foods to your diet. Natural foods, not processed. You’ll see for yourself that your body and mind will adapt to the routine. Once healthy eating becomes a habit, you’ll feel phenomenal! You’ll realize you can adopt a completely natural lifestyle.

You’ll no longer even need weight loss goals, as long as you love your daily life and this harmony with our beautiful planet Earth, it will come naturally. You’ll want to protect our planet as it will fill you with pleasure and joy.

Being healthy is a lifestyle. Longevity is a lifestyle. Living in harmony develops gradually. But, there are a set of principles you should abide by…

  • Just eating healthy foods is not enough. Even when you become slim.
  • Just doing sport is not enough. Even when you’re feeling fit.
  • Just exposing your body to a healthy environment is not enough.
  • Only taking care of your brain is not enough.

Anything you do doesn’t have to feel like torture. The quantity of positive changes isn’t the only thing that makes a difference. Efficiency and quality are vital too. But they’re harder to achieve.


Because everyone has their own beliefs. Everyone gives their two cents. Everyone wants to demonstrate their effectiveness. However, no one has ever reinvented the wheel. Just go back to the basics with good sense and take pleasure in doing them.

  • Why should you have a painful, prolonged death in your youth, rather than of slipping away in your sleep in old age?
  • Why would you put toxic foods into your body every day, even though our Earth naturally gives us what we need?
  • Why would you submit and foolishly follow people that don’t have your best interests at heart?
  • Why stay in your comfort zone?
  • Why stay brainwashed?
  • Why make yourself miserable?
  • Why are we killing ourselves every day little by little?
  • Why seek immediate gratification, poisoning ourselves with toxic materials (in foods, drinks, etc.) that fill us with remorse when we stop and think about it?
  • Why do we no longer take the time to eat as a family, with friends, colleagues or neighbors?
  • And why do we subject our children to this toxicity?
  • Why is there massive deforestation just to sell us toxic products that have no use for our health or wellbeing?
  • What do we create a plague that is destroying our magnificent planet?

We march in the street about big political issues. But we ignore the little things. Our eyes glued to our phones or computers. The fast-food takeaway we have in our hands. We walk and run with our heads turned down, hurrying, in search of the free time we want but never find. We’re striving towards an imaginary better future by forgetting the present.

How difficult would it be to give a little food to a homeless person or a stray animal? To assist a person or animal in danger? To open your door to someone who needs your help? To assist an elderly person to get from point A to point B? A friendly nod? A hello? A smile? How much personal satisfaction would we get from that? How much joy would fill our hearts, as well as the hearts of others, if we made a commitment to doing these small, easy gestures?


Selfish aggression repels harmony.


The ego repels sharing.


If we look at each other’s deepest desires, we’d see that our own dreams are not so different. We share the desire to have time for ourselves, for others, to share and to exchange. In short: we desire happiness.

We leave the house looking for this. Planning for a beautiful future, we sacrifice our health and our present without even getting any closer to a happy future.

Let’s not forget to celebrate each day. Take time for yourselves and others, while taking care of your body and health. Your journey will be much more pleasant and will be a long and fulfilling one.

The happiest people are those who own the least, but have a big heart. They make time for others. Relationships and sharing take priority over everything else.

A better smartphone, a bigger house, a flashier car is not what we really want. They’re just what the ego wants.

But in this world of followers, where staying with the crowd shelters us from the scrutiny of others, we forget to do what we really enjoy.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Do it for you, for your family, for your friends, for the next generation.

How much does all this concern you?

If it’s a constant concern, you can become reborn. Nothing is holding you back except your negative thoughts and fears.

Nothing is controlling you except your beliefs.

Make a decision that will change your life. Are you truly forced to remain in suffering? Are you afraid of failing? Are you afraid of criticism? Are you afraid of rejection?

Are these the reasons why you don’t take action? Why are you waiting, finding excuses? Yes, there’s a risk of failure. But also, a good chance of success.

If you crush your health dreams before even starting, there’s no chance of fulfilling them. Overcome your fears, my friend.

We are the reflection of our actions and you can’t master your future if you remain a slave to your past…

Change your outlook. Never make an enemy out of a problem. Nothing that happens in your life is ‘against you.’ Something that looks like an enormous problem can actually be a great opportunity.

Is this the end, or the beginning of another adventure? We grow when we face challenges.

Take the test! Face the challenges. Discover and experiment. Only then will you understand.

Now it’s your turn. You can create your own story. It’s not about following everyone else. You can direct your own life. The script isn’t already written.

Time is of the essence. Knowing is one thing, doing is another.

You can continue being a part of or even contributing to our destructive global system. You can let yourself die how they want you to.

Or you can choose to take this first positive step. As small as it may seem, this step will do you good and do good to others. This small step will grow through constant repetition. It will have repercussions on others. Like the snowball effect, it will grow and gather momentum. This small step, in the long run, will change your health, the health of your children and the planet.

Be different, be grateful, be proud and say YES to your health dreams.

Don’t say “I’ll do it tomorrow,” because it might not happen. Don’t wish for something, make it happen instead.

  • Do you want to avoid doctors, hospitals, cancer, a heart attack, the diseases of the modern world?
  • Do you want a six pack?
  • Do you want to be your ideal weight?
  • Do you want an attractive body shape?
  • Do you want to live in harmony with nature?
  • Do you want to live and share with your partner for as long as possible?
  • Do you want to see your children for as long as possible?
  • Do you want to live over 100 and feel healthy and vital?
  • Do you want to understand what humans need?
  • Do you want to know the best meals to eat?
  • Do you want to know how to train in sport properly?
  • Do you want to become the best version of yourself?
  • Do you want to help the environment?
  • Do you want to protect animals?
  • Do you want to respect what nature has given us?
  • Do you want to create a life that inspires you?
  • Do you want to inspire people around you?
  • Do you want to enjoy each present moment of your life?
  • Do you want to succeed in your health objectives?
  • Do you want to be a part of changing the world for the better?

Health is the best investment you can make in yourself…

Learning and getting information should also be a priority.

Then, with good health and knowledge you’ll be able to live your life the way you want and for as long as you deserve.

It’s just a question of choice…

The greatest failure is not having the courage to live out your dreams. We are created to evolve and take risks.

Our creative power is to go beyond the unknown and walk down new paths of reality.

Time flies, and there is no extra-time at the end of your life.

You cannot change the past, but you can start a new routine that influences the ending.

The Chinese have a very wise saying: “he who walks slowly will go far.”

Indeed, speed doesn’t matter. Forward is forward…

Wishing you a long and healthy life   😊